Center for Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology on Secondary Agriculture (CAAST-NAU)
Establishment of Secondary Agriculture Unit for Skill Development in Students and Farmers at NAU, Navsari
National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
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Core Faculties

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Dr. Timur R. Ahlawat

Director of Research, Dean Post Graduate Studies & Principal Investigator CAAST Sub Project

Dr. Dev Raj

Professor & CO-PI (Unit-1)

Dr. R. P. Gunaga

Associate Professor & CO-PI (Unit-2)

Dr. Rana Ranjeet Singh

Associate Professor & CO-PI (Unit-3)

Dr. Navin B.Patel

Research Scientist & CO-PI (Unit-3)

Dr. Susheel Singh

Assistant Professor & CO-PI (Unit-4)

Dr. Satish Kumar Sinha

Assistant Professor & CO-PI (Unit-2)

Dr. Vipul Parekh

Assistant Professor & CO-PI (Unit-4)

Dr. Jilen Mayani

Assistant Professor & CO-PI (Unit-1)

Dr. Chirag Desai

Assistant Research Scientist & CO-PI (Unit-1A)

Dr. M. S. Sankanur

Assistant Professor & CO-PI (Unit-2)