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Craft Melon

Craft Melon, Mysore

About Instittute

Craft Melon offers a unique blend of contemporary, urbane, technology, stylish art forms and furniture with a celebration of Indian flavour. The idea is to fuse the traditional arts with the contemporary designs which reflect modern architecture. Though Craft Melon embrace contemporary designs supplemented with new techniques we assure to keep the core essence of the art form as is. Craft Melon has made an abundant effort to bring amazing products since the past few years. In the journey, Craft Melon have learnt and upgraded ourselves with new techniques and technologies. Craft Melon catalogue includes lifestyle products by bringing the varied range of home decor which includes dining table, coffee table, sofa, cot set and so on. Craft Melon facilitates workshops for upcoming designers. Craft Melon are proud to state of Karnataka that Craft Melon has witnessed great enthusiasm and curiosity in the young generation

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MOU Inked on


Purpose of the MOU

1. Both parties hereby agree in taking up research and development (R&D) promotion in partnership mode by sharing the facilities, carry out joint capacity building and others in the relevant area for research on stylish wooden art forms and decorate.

2. Exchange of students, Research Scholars and Faculty members/scientists between the parties for training.

3. Any other area of research/activities relating to various aspects of stylish wooden art forms and decorates.


Collaborative Activites Under the MOU

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