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Establishment of Secondary Agriculture Unit for Skill Development in Students and Farmers at NAU, Navsari
National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
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About Instittute

Paperdom, is paper recycling and manufacturing company based out of Surat in India, producing different varieties of earth friendly papers. They recycle waste materials and by-products from local farms or industries. Their model is to procure waste or by-products from local businesses, harness local talent and build a sustainable business that has the least carbon footprint possible.

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Purpose of the MOU

  • Basic research on paper technology and its article development and manufacturing and any other mutually interested area of research.
  • Training and/or research of students, entrepreneurs, farmers, research scholars and faculty members/scientists between the institutes.
  • Any other area of research/activities relating to paper technology.

Collaborative Activites Under the MOU

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